GTV, historical design brand, was established in 1853, when Michael Thonet in Vienna created the first "Thonet" style chair, thanks to the innovation in the processing of steam-bent rod wood.
 This innovative woodworking technique has led to the creation of new curved and elegant shapes, such as the famous chair N.1, designed for the acclaimed “Schwarzenberg” building in Vienna.
Today GTV not only reissues historical design editions but also creates unique products, thanks to the innovation of shapes and materials, combined with a refined design of innovative and contemporary designers, such as Michael Anastassiades, Gamfratesi, Design Front. Its production therefore develops between artisan tradition and industrial innovation, a continuous search for new forms of high design, sobriety and practicality of use, which make its pieces unmistakable, capable of thrilling new generations even today.
 A coin bearing the GTV brand is embedded in the structure of each piece, which certifies its authenticity, originality and quality in the search for balance between industry and craftsmanship.