“Society-Limonta” was founded in 1893 and in over 100 years of activity, it became one of the leading and most prestigious group of the “Made in Italy” in the world of textile. In “Society”, the traditional and artisanal hand-works are processed in a contemporary way: rare craftsmanship manual works such as that of “warping” or “knotting” are brought to the higher level, thanks to increasingly innovative technologies. “Society - home collection” is the design brand that revolutionizes the home clothing, creating infinite combinations of colors, nuances and innovative materials for bed, table and bathroom. The house is dressed in natural and refined fabrics, acquiring a sophisticated, casual, soft and elegant look. The continuous search for the best yarns, materials and different ways of industrial processing, together with the creation of a personal, timeless style, allows Society to create unique fabrics: the luxury of products that transmits quality and emotions directly to the senses.